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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body and we can thank it for its youthful, fresh and radiant appearance. Unfortunately, one of the consequences of aging is collagen loss. In the search for an answer on how to stimulate the natural production of collagen, choline-stable orthosilicic acid, ch-OSA, which is a bioavailable form of silicon, can help us with this.
The human body has the ability to synthesize the collagen we need for growth and replacement of worn-out tissues, healing and their regeneration. In the process of aging, the loss of collagen becomes more noticeable, and after the age of 25 the body loses 1.5% of collagen per year. This loss is first reflected in the reflection in the mirror. Namely, aging reduces the number and activity of collagen-producing cells, and the skin becomes thinner and dehydrated. The result? Creation of mimic wrinkles and fine lines and visible sagging of the skin.

Consequences of collagen loss

The effects of collagen deficiency are different, and the first signs of collagen loss are fine lines on the face, the appearance of wrinkles that become deeper, dry and sagging skin, thinner hair and weaker nails.

In women, skin thickness decreases by 7% every 10 years, and after menopause the situation becomes even worse. In the first five years after menopause, as much as 30% of skin collagen is lost, and the thickness and elasticity of the skin are constantly reduced.
The question that naturally arises is: Is there a way we can at least somewhat slow down this process?

In search of the elixir of youth…

Precisely because of its effect on appearance - optimal collagen levels have become synonymous with beauty. According to recent research, collagen is also an excellent ally in achieving hair health as it increases the level of body proteins that can prevent hair loss, promote hair growth and reduce the appearance of gray hair. Collagen, namely, maintains a healthy hair follicle structure. Increasing collagen levels results in youthful skin as it restores its elasticity and is extremely effective for both nail health and strength.

How to stimulate collagen production?

The aging process is impossible to stop and the body needs something that will activate key enzymes to create new collagen. Is it a solution to eat foods that contain collagen and can various preparations that contain it help us?
- The answer to these questions is the following - when you consume collagen orally, your body digests it as food and breaks it down into many smaller compounds. It is uncertain whether these smaller compounds will ever be used to create new collagen. Your body needs something that will activate key enzymes to create new collagen. Simply put, if we want the real benefits of collagen for beauty, we need to allow our body to create much-needed collagen on its own.Choline-stable orthosilicic acid, ch-OSA, which is a bioavailable form of silicon, or orthosilicic acid, can help us with this. Ch-OSA has been clinically proven to activate biological pathways that produce collagen.