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FagronLab UVGI-80 Air sterilizer 
FagronLab UVGI-80 Sterilizator zraka

FagronLab™ UVGI-80 air sterilizer provides continuous air sterilization using a germicidal lamp with ultraviolet light of high intensity UV lamps indoors up to 80m3.

The air sterilizer is ideal for disinfecting the air in work areas such as pharmacies or doctor's offices, in order to protect healthcare professionals and patients from droplet infections with viruses such as COVID-19.

Plexiglass protection

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Plexiglass protection
The current coronavirus pandemic has taught us all about the importance of maintaining hand hygiene, disinfecting spaces and surfaces, and we are also forced to create new habits in maintaining social distance at a prescribed distance, to reduce the possibility of coronavirus infection. Mitigation of measures by the Civil Protection of the Republic of Croatia related to the coronavirus pandemic has many advantages. However, this increases the risk of infection in social contacts again.
To help protect healthcare professionals and patients, we have included a new item in our range - a plexiglass stand for protection against droplet infection.
The Plexiglas stand is ideal for positioning on a prescription in a pharmacy, it is easy to maintain and can be transferred from one place to another. The dimensions of the plexiglass stand are: 850 x 800 mm (height x width). Material: transparent acrylic glass, 4 mm thick.
Along with the ordered stand, we will also send you Fagron stickers with a message that we want to let you know that we are in this extraordinary situation with you and that we admire everything you do during this pandemic to help all patients.