Fagron Academies in Croatia

Fagron Academies are organized with the aim of informing the professional public about new therapeutic options in the field of personalized medicine.

Fagron Akademija, Zagreb 2019.

The current approach to pharmacotherapy in terms of standardization of therapy - approach that one drug fits all patients, is no longer sufficiently effective. Number of patients with chronic diseases who have an inadequate or insufficient therapeutic outcome is increasing. The conclusion is that personalization is the key to therapeutic success. Personalized medicines can offer solutions in numerous areas, such as in dermatology, oncology, pediatrics, hormone replacement therapy, pain treatment, anti-aging products, geriatrics, veterinary medicine. The main drivers of personalized medicine are certainly the ability to provide high quality and effective therapeutic alternatives, adjusting the dose and pharmaceutical form of the drug when needed, providing new and/or unavailable therapeutic options when needed, as well as reducing the side effects of the drug. Drug shortages on the market, as well as the cessation of drug production are certainly situations in which personalized preparations are very much needed.

The topics of the Fagron Academies held in 2019. in Zagreb, Split, Opatija and Osijek were focused on dermatological cases and modern approach in the treatment of alopecia. Through the Academies, all aspects that are part of Fagron's personalized approach to the treatment of alopecia are presented, and they have included several important categories:

• therapeutic options for personalized treatment of alopecia

• safety of compounded preparations and regulatory framework in Croatia

• a modern diagnostic solution through a genetic test for alopecia

• compounding workshops

Fagron Akademija, Zagreb 2019.

The expertise of health professionals, modern diagnostic tests and modern equipment for the production of personalized medicines are the ideal combination for new therapeutic possibilities.

Therefore, the goal of Fagron Academy is to connect medical doctors and pharmacists in order to approach personalized treatment through joint cooperation and synergy of knowledge, which can significantly improve the quality of life and health of their patients.