Ulje šljive 100 ml oleoTHERAPY cosmetics HRV NEW

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Plum oil is obtained by cold pressing fresh and unmodified plum stones containing 20% oil.

The oil is clear, golden-yellow in color and has a pleasant aroma (bitter almond or marzipan).

It is rich in essential fatty acids, mostly oleic acid (60-80%), alpha tocopherol (vitamin E) and beta sitosterol.

This extremely stable oil is characterized by the ability to absorb quickly, has a light texture, has an extremely hydrating effect and improves skin elasticity.

It is used for the care of dry, cracked and mature skin, for brittle nails and hair and in anti-aging treatments.

It is excellent as an additive in soaps, lotions, creams and lip balms, as well as in shampoos and hair masks.

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