We held the Fagron NutriGen™ online academy

Friday, June 19, 2020
Why is Fagron NutriGen™ important?

During the current coronavirus pandemic, it became even clearer to all of us how precious our health is and how important it really is to preserve it, as well as ensure strong immunity by choosing the optimal foods to eat. Over the last 3 months we have witnessed numerous changes in our lifestyle caused by coronavirus. Circumstances have forced us to move less, exercise less, sit more in front of screens, and often, due to these circumstances, consume more food than usual. As a result many individuals now have unwanted excess weight and chronic patients with diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, as well as patients with other chronic diseases are in an additional aggravated health situation..

Thinking in this direction, the question arise: can we do something to adapt a diet plan tailored to their needs for individuals who identify themselves in any of the above descriptions?

Fagron NutriGen™ is an innovative genetic test that allows the development of a personalized diet plan for the purpose of weight regulation, taking into account genetic factors and other relevant characteristics of the patient.

The benefits of the Fagron NutriGen™ test are:
  • analysis of 384 genetic variation
  • analysis of more than 70 food categories and 850 individual foods
  • an exclusive tool for healthcare professionals
  • a one-time genetic test
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In June we held the Fagron NutriGen™ online academy with the aim of providing insight into all aspects and analysis of all the benefits of this innovative genetic test to our attendees. The webinar was attended by 280 doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists, and the guest lecturer was the esteemed Nenad Bratković, mag.nutr., univ.mag.pharm.

Watch the video from the online academy.