Immune TF® - A safe option to enhance the body's immune defenses

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
A safe option to enhance the body's immune defenses
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Strengthening immunity with the help of transfer factors

It is known that the strength of the body's immune response to pathogens depends on the communication between immune cells. It is therefore necessary to achieve a strong encouragement of their response. In this we can be helped by endogenous transfer factors, the production of which is initiated by the body's natural immune response to pathogens. They act as a unique type of messenger in communication between cells and help the body recognize pathogens and fight them. However, if the doctor estimates that the patient's body needs additional help to accelerate the endogenous immune response, oral supplementation of isolated transfer factors can further help our body.

Imuno TF® has the same mechanism of action as natural transfer factors. It modulates the immune system by stimulating it against the threat of attack by microorganisms or tumor cells, while avoiding immune hyperactivity and an autoimmune reaction.

The main goal of using Immuno TF® is to strengthen the immune system. In this way, opportunistic infections can be prevented, especially in immunocompromised individuals. It can also act as an aid in the treatment of chronic diseases and to reduce the rate of recurrent infections.

Download the ImunoTF® brochure.

On October 14, 2020, Fagron's online academy was held with the topic "Strengthening immunity with the help of transfer factors"

Our lecturers were renowned names from the world of pharmaceuticals, Hudson Polonini, BPharm, MSc, PhD, and Marina Marušić Fojs, mag.pharm. who passed on their knowledge of the latest knowledge regarding the role of transfer factors in boosting immunity, which is of particular importance in the period of the year ahead.

The online academy was attended by 230 doctors and pharmacists.

For the needs of our webinar, video production of ImunoTF® compounding
 was recorded in Marina Marušić Fojs Pharmacy. The video shows the process of making Imuno TF® capsules and oral suspension.

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