Imuno ND gel cream

According to the World Health Organization, antiseptic hands rubbing can be understood as "the use of antiseptics in the form of rubbing preparations, for the purpose of reducing or inhibiting the growth of microorganisms, without the need for external water and without rinsing and drying with towels or other aids."

Most hand sanitizers or hand cleaners available on the market contain ethanol or other short-chain alcohols. However, although alcohols can provide effective antimicrobial action, they also bring a number of disadvantages, such as rapid evaporation from the skin, the possibility of causing allergic reactions and inflammation. Also, frequent use of alcohol-based hand hygiene products causes dry skin.
Due to the aforementioned limitations, Imuno ND gel cream has been developed as a natural and safer alternative for hand cleaning.

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What is Imuno ND gel cream? 

Imuno ND is a non-alcoholic hand cleaning product. It contains benzalkonium chloride and a mixture of natural ingredients (eucalyptus leaf oil, tea tree oil and aloe leaf juice powder) that act synergistically and help reduce the amount of microorganisms that can potentially cause diseases, including SARS-CoV-2.

The main advantages of Imuno ND gel cream

• without alcohol  
• natural ingredients  
• does not dry hands  
• cleans without rinsing  
• non-greasy texture  
• hydrates and nourishes the skin  
• emollient effect 
• not flammable 
• safe for children 

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