Geranij burbon eter.ulje 10 ml Pranarom

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Indications: fungal and bacterial skin infections (impetigo, candida, acne), stress, nervousness, restlessness, skin care, perfume making.

Geranium bourbon is the finest type of geranium - it has a very strong, deep scent reminiscent of roses. It is highly valued as an ingredient in expensive perfumes. It is used in therapy for fungal diseases.

It is an excellent means of caring for all skin types. It regulates sebum production, so it is useful in treating both dry and oily skin. We use it for acne, dilated capillaries, small wounds and bleeding, inflamed veins, burns, thick and oily skin, seborrheic dermatitis, moisturizing eczema, lichen, for skin care with wrinkles.

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